Here is a list of demos that illustrate topics and APIs discussed on this site:

  • NEW Animated SVG Loading Icon: A Google-style animated loading icon utilizing JavaScript to vary the length of an SVG path, and CSS transforms to rotate the entire SVG.
  • Tooltips: provide contextual notes for linked words and phrases (works well for mobile and non-mobile devices).
  • Back-to-top component: A convenient way for users to return to the top of a webpage.
  • Depth-of-field effect: a simulation of depth-of-field using HTML and CSS blurring.
  • 3d carousel: a CSS based, three dimensional rotating carousel. Very smooth animation without frame skipping.
  • Card flip animation: CSS based animation that responds to users' clicks
  • Context menu: a customized context menu providing extra navigation for users.
  • Count notification: CSS animation for a circular count notification.
  • Device Orientation: Detect the orientation of a user's device in physical space.
  • Geolocation: find a user's latitude and longitude coordinates.
  • HTML starter document: View the page source for the HTML.
  • Icon animation: use SVG to animate the "hamburger" navigation icon.
  • NewsSpeak: an experimental demo of Chrome's text-to-speech API support.
  • Reverse geocoding: find a user's street address
  • Switch UI component: an on/off switch.
  • View more: an expandable and collapsable container for content.